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RestAssured Online

Telemedicine platform aimed at helping those with sleep apnea improve their sleep and ultimately their well being. Patients are able to go through the entire process from the comfort of their homes.

  • Secure Appointments

    RestAssured has secure one-on-one video and phone calling system allowing patients to choose a call method of their choice.

  • Scheduling

    Custom scheduling for a network of doctors across the U.S.. Doctors and their offices are able to schedule availability while patients are able to schedule at their convenience.

  • Payments

    Patients are able to pay for their prescriptions and DME devices online.

  • Fulfilment

    Deliver DME to directly to patients through integrations with 3rd party medical device vendors.

RestAssured Online RestAssured Online RestAssured Online RestAssured Online


Snapbooks API

Snapbooks API handles dealing with QuickBooks Oauth Tokens, renewals and all that stuff that gets in the way of developing.

  • Easy API

    Several aspects of the Quickbooks API are difficult to use, Snapbooks aims to make those pain points easier to overcome.

  • Subscriptions

    Customers can subscribe to different plans based off of their usage.

Snapbooks API Snapbooks API Snapbooks API

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